Bare Root Stock - Fruit

Bare Root Stock is available for order and instore collection at the beginning of our season. For those of you with a budget conscious mind bare root stock is a cheaper way of buying fruit trees, bushes and other plants – Please be aware that once your order has arrived it must be collected in a timely manner – Bare Root Stock is just as it sounds – it comes with the roots exposed and not in a pot. Once you have placed an order for bare root stock, we recommend taking the time to prepare where the item/s will be planted in advance of delivery, so that when you collect them, they can go straight in the ground – If you are unable to immediately plant your order – either pot the plants up so they can go in the ground at a later date or cover the roots with soil and keep moist until you are ready for planting.

Sometimes our suppliers sell out of plants faster than we can update our system – in the event that we are unable to meet your order, an alternative will be offered or a full refund. We will call you once your order is ready for collection