Photo courtesy of AVK Nurseries - Copyright: Horticolor 2014

The Stella cherry tree is a vase-shaped tree with a mature height of about 20–30 feet and a spread of about 15 feet. The tree blossoms early and fruits early, with moderate to heavy crops. Though it is considered a universal pollinator for other sweet cherry varieties, it has been found to not pollinate the Bing cherry  The fruit of the Stella cultivar is large, heart-shaped, and dark red, with overall excellent quality. It ripens about 1 week earlier than Bing. The Stella cheryy tree is the only self pollinating variety of cherry.

This product is a 2 year old tree – it comes as bare root stock and will require immediate planting upon receipt.

Zone – 5 to 9 (please note this is not fully hardy for many areas on the North Shore – however in areas that have a microclimate such as Malagash, this would be suitable)

Colour – Black – Sweet

Fruit size – Large

Harvest – Late July

Flowering Time – May

Uses – Canning, Fresh eating.

This product is subject to availability from our suppliers – Sometimes our suppliers sell out faster than we can update our website – in the event that a product isn’t available we will call to offer you an alternative, hold your order until the product is in stock again, or refund you.


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