The indispensable kitchen herb! Native to southern Europe, Giant of Italy Parsley is a robust biennial forming a dense rosette of dark green, triangular, strongly aromatic leaves finely divided into flat leaflets. Rich in vitimin A, C, B and other minerals, including potasium, iron, copper and manganese, Parsley is cultivated worldwide for its aromatic edible leaves which may be used fresh or dried in salads, vegetable and egg dishes, sauces, or as a garnish. It is the worlds most popular herb for growing both at home or in the garden. Giant of Italy is a flat leaf Parsley and considered to have the best flavourThe plant is best disgarded after its first year as the plant will bear small yellow-green flowers, which makes the leaves become coarse and lose their flavour. Grows in full sun or partial shade, in fertile but well drained soil. Parsley is toxic to dogs, cats and horses.

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