Ligularia Dentata Desdemona or leopard plant is a robust perennial noted for its large, rounded, bronze tinted leaves adorned with deep purple undersides. the leathery foliage retains good colour throughout the growing season. In mid-summer to early fall, the plant sends up reddish stems topped by large clusters of brilliant orange yellow daisies, 4″ across (10cm). This Leopard Plant is useful to make a bold statement along streams and ponds, around pools or in bog gardens. Both flowers and leaves are fantastic for cutting and using in floral arrangements.

Grow in full sun to full shade, in poorly drained soil. Attracts butterflies to your garden. ideal for the cutti flower garden, beds and borders, bogs, ponds, streams and any hard to plant soggy wet ground. Grows to heights of 3 feet with a spread of 3 feet.

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