Highly popular, Leucanthemum Snowcap (Shasta Daisy) ia a perennial valued for its abundant floral display and compact size. it produces a sea of large, pure white daisy flowers with golden yellow centres, 2-3″ wide (5-7cm), atop a lush mound of medium to dark green foliage. Blooming for many weeks from early to late summer if deadheaded, this Sahsta daisy is extremely easy to grow. This exceptional dwarf Shasta Daisy is resistant to heat, drought and humidity. Grow in full sun to partial shade, in moist but well drained soil. Attracts butterflies to your garden, deer, rabbit and drought tolerant. Grows to heights of 1 foot with a spread of 1 foot. ideal for beds and bortders, patio and containers and small gardens.

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