Prized for its use in herbal teas, liquers, cooking, pot pourri, perfumes, and cosmetics, award winning Lemon Verbena has arching branches and narrowly lance-shaped, strongly lemon-scented, green leaves. The pointed leaves are arranged in whorls of three around the stems. From mid-summer to early fall, the bush produces large terminal panicles of tiny, four petaled, white, or pale lilac flowers. The leaves are best used fresh and young. They are a common ingredient in many herbal teas and can be used to give a lemon flavour to fruit salads, desserts and drinks.

Plant in full sun, in fertile, well-drained soils. Perfect for beds and borders, wall side gardens, city and cottage gardens, mediterreanean and herb gardens. Can also be planted in containers (and over-wintered indoors), and placed on a sunny patio or deck where the scent will deter mosquitoes. Adding organic matter (fresh compost) to the soil when planting will enable this plant to tolerate salt.

Photo courtesy of Jolly Farmer New Brunswick


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