Among the most popular hostas ever introduced, Hosta Frances Williams is a large, variegated hosta with thick, puckered, strongly veined, broadly heart shaped, blue-green leaves, 12″ long (30cm), widely and irregularly margined greenish yellow, gradually maturing to creamy beige. Funnel shaped pale lilac flowers appear in early midsummer, rising on scapes 30″ long (75cm), but the primary contributuion of this hosta is the staggeringly beautiful foliage. Slow to establish, this clump forming perennial is impressive in large containers or the shady border.

Grow in partial to full shade, in well drained but moist soil. Grows to heights of 3 feet with a spread of 4 feet. ideal for beds and borders, ground cover, patios and containers, underplanting shrubs and roses.

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