Photo courtesy of Wikipedia - Copyright: Richard Wilde

The Gravenstein Apple (Danish: Gråsten, meaning “graystone”, after Grasten Palace) is an apple cultivar that originated in the 17th century or earlier. The fruit has a tart flavor, and it is heavily used as a cooking apple, especially for apple sauce and apple cider. It does not keep well, and it is available only in season. This is in part because neither cold storage, nor regular controlled atmosphere keeps the apples’ distinctive aroma, although the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers’ Association states that “recently however, low oxygen CA storage has shown promise in retaining this harvest-time quality”.

This product is a 2 year old tree – it comes as bare root stock and will require immediate planting upon receipt.

Zone – 2 to 9

Colour – red to green/yellow

Fruit size – Medium to large

Harvest – September

Flowering Time – May

Uses – Cooking, Baking, Sauces and Cider Making

This product is subject to availability from our suppliers – Sometimes our suppliers sell out faster than we can update our website – in the event that a product isn’t available we will call to offer you an alternative, hold your order until the product is in stock again, or refund you.


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