The Vanessa Grape (Vitis labrusca ‘Vanessa’) is a quintessential grape for home growers. This delightful addition to the garden holds up well in winter and provides a bountiful harvest of attractive and richly sweet dessert grapes. Vanessa Grapes have deep red skin when ripe that glows when the sun hits these clusters on the vine. Before fully ripening, these blissful grapes come in as an attractive and feminine pink. They are a mildly sweet grape with a mild fruit flavor and aroma to match. These medium berries are considered some of the best among red seedless varieties in flavor and health. Not only are these grapes delicious, but they ripen early in August, allowing you to snack on them as you harvest your late-summer and early fall veggies. You can also press them into refreshing juice, transform them into lip-smackingly tasty preserves, or home-make a unique and fruity wine. This grapevine grows well even in the coldest zones making this hardy seedless grape is an excellent investment for gardeners with frigid winters. Its thick vines and development in Canada make it a superior choice to most seedless varieties. The Vanessa Grape’s attractive vines look stunning as they climb across trellises, fences, or your pergola. They bloom with bunches of charming greenish-white blossoms that create quite the stir among your local pollinators. There are many uncertainties when it comes to the garden, but there is one thing we’re sure of. If you’re looking for a grape that is sure to satisfy and thrive despite cold winters, you need a Vanessa Grape.

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