Pixwell Gooseberries originated in North Dakota in 1932! Berries are borne on the outside of the bush, making picking easy….thus the name. Fruit is a pale green colour, becoming pink when ripe. Flavour is tart, best for processing, pies, jams and preserves. Plant does have a few thorns…pretty big ones, but it is mildew resistant and leaves turn purple in the fall. Zones 3-8.

Growth Habit: Gooseberries are deciduous shrubs, fast growing under optimum conditions to 3 feet tall and 6 feet wide. The plant is suitable for training as a standard. Annual growth is in a single flush in spring. The roots are superficial, fine and easily damaged by frequent cultivation. Foliage: The buds perk up early in the spring, dotting the stems with green when most other plants are still tawny. The stems are thin, becoming woody, with a large thorn at each axil. American gooseberry stems are densely bristly, with one or more additional thorns at each axil. Gooseberries are self pollinating.

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