Captivator Gooseberry is known as a thornless gooseberry. Although this selection is a nice improvement toward an ultimate thornless varieties, it still carries a few thorns! It has delicious and abundant dark red fruit. This plant is disease resistant and produces some incredibly sweet fruits. Without all the hassle of hundreds of sharp thorns like the usual Goosberry, this variety is an easy to enjoy, lovely plant. It’s hard not to be “captivated” by the large, teardrop-shaped fruit that is pink and sweet when ripe. Foliage turns vivid yellow in the fall. Mildew and rust-resistant and very hardy. A cross of European and American species that is nearly thornless and easy to pick and grow. Bred in Ottawa, Canada in 1935. Gooseberries, highly prized in Europe as an important part of a well-rounded garden, have been sadly neglected in America, perhaps because people remember gooseberries as tart and mouth puckering – but sweet varieties are wonderful for fresh eating! Gooseberries generally ripen in early summer, just after strawberries. Gooseberries are self pollinating.

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