Geranium Sue Crug, commonly known as Cranesbill is a lovely herbaceous, mound forming perennial with narrowly lobed, mid green leaves which are soft to touch. In June through to September the Geranium Sue Crug bears beautiful cup shaped light pinky-violet flowers with deep purple veins creating a stunning display. Often planted in flower beds and borders, underplanting trees or roses and makes a great ground cover perennial. Can be planted and grown in containers, perfect for a sunny balcony. Interestingly the Sue Crug is often used in sales and as cake decorations! Plant in a sunny, partially shaded location with moist well drained soil where the Geranium Sue Crug will thrive. Known to cope well in almost any soil type apart from waterlogged. In midsummer remove flower stems and any dead or damaged foliage which will encourage health growth and blooms. Attracts butterflies to your garden, deer and rabbit resistant. Grows to heights of 2 feet (sometimes taller) with a spread of 3 feet.

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