Not to be confused with the common variety often found in lawns, this fast growing, Ajuga Reptans – Bronze Beauty (Carpet Bugle), is a vigourous perennial prized for its rich blue flowers and contrasting bronze tinged leaves, which quickly form a dense mat of attractive rosettes. Ajuga is valued as a wonderful spreader making a colourful ground cover, which will thrive in shady areas where grass struggles to or doesn’t grow – particularly beaneath stand alone shurbs in your garden. Evergreen in our region, it is perfect for planting between stepping stones or in wall crevices.

Grow in partial to full shade, in moist but well drained soil. Deer and rabbit resistant, attracts butterflies and humming birds to your gardens. Grows to a height of 1 foot with a spread of 1 foot. Ideal for banks, slopes and areas where grass won’t grow, beds and borders, ground cover, patio and container planting and underpanting shrubs such as roses.

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